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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rivernation - Hanya Kamu [New Single 2009]

Rivernation is a group of young experienced musicians from different kind of music background and gathered as a modern reggae band. As a whole, the music is always about ‘Love, Peace and Harmony’ and the phrase is carried everywhere by the music followers and this is what the band put in as a limelight in their music. With the additional for the band specialty they have combined some elements about human rights, pure feelings and battle of life.

From the pieces of well known local bands, Rivernation has formed and started the journey in the middle of 2007. With lots of hardship and experiences throughout the years in the local scene never make the band to stop moving on the passion in music. With the influences by many international reggae bands and singers in the world, these musicians have come up with experimental music from several concepts such as RnB reggae root, dub reggae, root reggae, ska and ragga. Eventhough this genre has little group of ‘fellow traveler’ in Malaysia yet it gets big support from reggae music community and as for the different way of the band performing the music, Rivernation has started becoming the community’s favourite band and also other music followers have started to open up with reggae music. Thus, the flaming spirit of the band wanting to carry on with the music and to make it internationally becomes the biggest plan in the agenda.

Rivernation has started their first showcase at Cherating on the new year’s eve of 2008 and started to get invitations by gig organizers around the capital ever since. The band has performed many cover songs during on stage from classis Bob Marley to modern Ekolu’s Hawaiian beat, from catchy Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’ to fancy Big Mountain and also the band’s idol UB40’s number never been left out in every show. Not forgotten the evergreen songs that have been remixed to reggae sound. Later on Rivernation has decided to come up with a single ‘Ku Tak Sengaja’ and it was released at ‘A Tribute to Bob Marley’ gigs which was held in KL city on 10th May 2008, then followed by the band’s E.P. ‘Keep On Flowing’ on the mid of the same year. Collaborated the creative ideologies of the band and Mr. Bakri of BMW studio, The E.P. contains five songs and a bonus track which are neatly planned and more ‘matured’ music this time to give out the best modern reggae sound to the community. With the satisfaction that had been achieved, Rivernation will precede the dream of producing the very first album within this year or next.

>>>DOWNLOAD Rivernation - Hanya Kamu

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